About MixTender

Cocktails are popular around the globe, they bring vacation feelings back, made the right way you could enjoy the taste of the islands.Mixtender started in 2004 with a portfolio of ready to use pre-mixed fruits and mixes.Today we sell in 25 countries +

Mixtender is used in the catering food service areas of many bars, restaurants, clubs and is easy in use and everyone could make a international cocktail in seconds.

Bij adding alcohol like Rum, Vodka, Tequila, and ice cubes its a peanut job to blend or shake it well, as we have professional blending equipment of our own make and glassware with international ambience, in every cocktail menu we serve any client could see the drink immidiatly so no written name will cover any mistake.

Mixtender has an portfolio of 27 different purees and mixes .

Mixtender is sold by distribution in various countries and could be ordered on the internet.

A box has got 8 x 1 ltr pre mix of 1 flavor and a try out case of 8 x 1 ltr with the flavor you want.

Enjoy our drinks in any bar around the globe and let me know what you feel as we want satisfied customers and guests.